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Design Board Package

$150 / Board

We will create design boards to give clients a visual of what the space could potentially look like

Occupied homes tend to have more furniture than needed, creating a cluttered first impression. By working with existing items, we highlight your home’s most impressive assets and will bring our creative eye and necessary furniture and décor to add a luxurious touch to your home. We will rearrange and enhance the functionality of your property by featuring the best focal points of your home, allowing potential home buyers to envision themselves living there.


Design + Setup Package

$595 + $2595 / Call

We will design and furnish your property.

Turnaround time usually 3-4 weeks consultation to installation 

Studio package- 2 mood-board designs

3 bedroom package- 2 different mood board designs for clients to choose from 



$2,550 / Call

Is your life too busy to prepare your property for sale?

The Inspirational Living team will efficiently take care of preparing your home for the market.. This package includes a consultation, cleaning, packing and organizing as well as full staging of your home, to have it show-ready for the competitive market. This convenient option allows you to save time as well as be stress-free, making the entire sale process easier on you and your family.